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Supporting Local Communities

The Allen Group prides itself on giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We actively support non-profit groups, participate in community organizations, and promote educational opportunities for local youth. For our clients, this means we can build positive, productive working relationships with local communities to garner support for project development. For community members, this means they can look to us to identify opportunities to help them grow and thrive.

For more than a decade, The Allen Group has sponsored a number of mentoring and internship programs to introduce local youth to opportunities in our industry and to inspire their interest in honing their math, science, and communications skills.

The Bayview Association for Youth 100% College Prep Institute is a San Francisco non-profit that runs an after school to help African American middle and high school students understand and access the benefits of a college education. We are very excited to have The Allen Group's support in providing mentoring and helping us to move forward with a capital improvement project to renovate our facilities in Bayview Hunters Point. For more about our program, visit

— Diane Gray, Executive Director, Bayview Association for Youth 100% College Prep Institute